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Bentley was founded in 2009 by medical entrepreneurs Lars Sunnanväder and Miko Obradovic. Since the introduction of our first product in 2012, we have recorded substantial growth. We have been expanding globally since then at a formidable rate. Thanks to our international network of exclusive sales partners, Bentley is represented in more than eighty countries - in some even as market leader.

The Bentley Endovascular Group AB

3 locations, 2 companies, 1 international team

Location CONVENDUM Östermalm, Sweden

Bentley Endovascular Group AB, Holding, Stockholm

The holding company of the Bentley Group is based in the vibrant business district of Östermalm. In close proximity to Nasdaq Stockholm, the holding company manages all activities relating to the planned IPO from here. The establishment of the holding company with the aim of going public is a major milestone for the newly founded Bentley Group in its still young corporate history.

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Medical Valley site, Southern Germany

Bentley InnoMed GmbH, Hechingen

At Bentley, we are convinced that high-end medical technology is the key to better health and patient care. In the "Medical Valley", a pioneering hotspot of the medical industry in southern Germany, we try to answer the questions of medicine and patient care with creativity and expertise. Here in Hechingen, we find the best conditions for developing and manufacturing our products.

Location Zurich Metropolitan Region, Switzerland

Bentley Switzerland AG, Frauenfeld

"For the Time of Your Life" - The Bentley promise is an incentive for our employees worldwide. We produce a large proportion of the high-quality balloon catheters for our balloon-expandable stents at Bentley Switzerland in Frauenfeld. They are manufactured with great care and to the highest quality standards by our international team in one of the largest clean rooms in Switzerland. Our Swiss site offers ambitious talents a state-of-the-art working environment, both in production and in administration.

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Provider of high-end medical products


Bentley's passion is for the development, manufacture and marketing of innovative implants for minimally invasive treatments of vascular diseases. In this field we are one of the pioneering companies in the market. We are the only company in the world that offers cardiologists, vascular/endovascular surgeons and interventional radiologists a covered balloon expandable stent in a size range of 2.5 mm to 30 mm diameter.

Our six main product lines are

BeGraft aortic

This peripheral stent graft system has been developed for large-diameter vessels, such as, for instance, in the aortic arch or pelvic arteries.
'BeGraft aortic' is extremely stable thanks to a unique, laser-cut cobalt-and-chrome mesh covered with an ePTFE membrane.

BeGraft coronary

This stent graft system is intended for particularly small-diameter vessels. It is used in the coronary arteries, which supply the myocardial muscle with blood. 'BeGraft coronary' is smaller than 'BeGraft peripheral', but just as stable and flexible.

BeGraft peripheral

'BeGraft peripheral' is used for medium- and small-diameter vessels, such as are found in the kidney and pelvic arteries.
Thanks to its unique structure this peripheral stent graft system is the perfect solution whenever stability and flexibility are required.

BeGraft+ peripheral

For special operations or very hardened vessels the system to use is 'BeGraft peripheral+'.
A further stent layer and a double ePTFE membrane ensure maximum stability while still providing great flexibility.

BeSmooth peripheral

'BeSmooth peripheral' is a peripheral stent that can be used in almost all smaller vessels that run protected inside the body.
What is special about 'BeSmooth' is that it has no ePTFE membrane.

BeYond venous

Made from a specific 'memory' metal, it is possible for this self-expanding stent system to be elastically drawn out of shape. However, it always returns to its original form. The 'BeYond' stent is used, among other places, in femoral veins.

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Your story is our story

To work at Bentley means to save lives: every day patients and surgeons put their faith in our products. The stories of the people that receive our stents move us. We pull out all the stops so that they get their product at the right time. This extraordinary commitment of every single member of our staff is what surgeons around the world appreciate about Bentley.

Every day we work hard in order to serve our customers even better. We want our products to become the gold standard for the treatment of vascular diseases. Our aim is that with our stents the health of patients is restored and the outcome for hospitals is improved all around the globe.


We are convinced that high-quality medical equipment is the key to better patient care and health in cases of vascular disease.


We develop, produce and market proven and innovative products for the endovascular treatment of aortic and peripheral vascular disorders.


As a sustainable business that challenges itself every day, we strive to be acknowledged market leaders, offering outstanding products and services.

Within a pleasant, inspiring working atmosphere, our dedicated team ensures agility, efficiency and independence in order to achieve healthy growth.

Truly Bentley


We concentrate on the development of unique products and strive to find creative answers to the questions facing the healthcare sector.


We take care of better health, our region and the environment. Every member of our team is motivated to make an important contribution to the quality of life.


A keen customer focus and adherence to international standards help us to guarantee products and services of unsurpassed quality.


We strive for time- and cost-efficient solutions in order to satisfy the multifaceted interests of our customers and patients around the world.