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Simply work with us for a while and get an overview of the different company departments and roles. Show us what you can do and discover in the process what's slumbering within you! From your very first day, we'll integrate you into our team, and you'll take part in all events. To us you're more than just a pupil. You're a valuable resource who'll get stuck in wherever assistance is needed!

We'd be glad to have you regularly support us during the holidays. In that way you not only earn some cash. You'll gain above all in self-confidence and faith in your own abilities. In addition, with the money you've earned yourself you'll make the first steps towards financial independence. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Work experience

While you're at school, work experience placements serve to give you a feel for what job you want to do and enable you to gain some initial experience. You get an impression of whether a particular profession could suit you or not. One or two weeks is, of course, a short time in which to make a decision. Nevertheless, we advise you to utilise this opportunity. Make something of it, and don't just serve your time, but rather be willing to help, be inquisitive and pepper us with questions. We're ready for you, and at our place you're very welcome!

Training and studying at Bentley

Training or 'dual study' sandwich course – now you get thoroughly familiar with the different departments and their challenges. Take on responsibility for the first time and grow with your roles. In every area there is someone on hand to help you if you have any questions.  Plus there is, of course, still your mentor, who accompanies you as you enter the world of work. Once a month a trainee get-together takes place for all trainees and students. Use this opportunity to swap experiences and to get to know each other better. Always a highlight are the group excursions.

Training and 'dual study' courses on offer

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