Relaxed, inspiring
and professional

Bentley is different. We keep hearing that. What makes it so? One factor is undoubtedly the appreciation that every departmental group receives from us in equal measure. We're all on first name terms here. We know that we are only strong together. For that reason everyone also mucks in and rolls up their sleeves if there's ever a tricky situation.  This lived hands-on mentality, flat hierarchies and the relaxed but always respectful interaction with each other sum up the special Bentley style.

Ambitious, open to ideas and motivated

As an employer it is our aim to create the conditions to enable you to get the best out of yourself and with your talents and abilities to realise your full potential. For us open communication is a part of that. We specifically encourage staff to tell us about anything that is troubling them or that they think could be improved. We live from constant ongoing development: people who come forward with ideas and suggestions for improvement get rewarded for that.


Curious, willing to learn and tolerant

At Bentley our doors are open  We value the diversity of different cultures, age groups and sexes at our company as a great enrichment, as we are able to learn a great deal from each other. Age is not a decisive factor for us. We value you for your great wealth of experience. As a pupil on work experience you will already be fully integrated into our team. For us you are the future.

​Responsible, appreciative and generous

At Bentley the principle of 'give and take' applies. Everyone who gives of their best with us can look forward to an employer that shares its successes with its staff and assumes responsibility. We always strive to create the best conditions for everyone so that they achieve their objectives and we together achieve our goals. Appreciation has many faces at Bentley.

The Bentley Benefits


The first day at work is always a special moment. Not everyone is a fearless pioneer. We very much understand that. You therefore begin your mission at Bentley with a mentor at your side. They are their just for you: they'll accompany you on your first day as you introduce yourself to colleagues. They'll help you to get your bearings in the building and the different departments, and ultimately to arrive at your desk.


Flexibility is intrinsic at Bentley Be it work or non-work matters – flexibility is key! Together we always find a solution.


Together with the Chamber of Trade and Industry (IHK) we have created a training course leading to certification as a 'Medical Equipment Specialist'. The certificate qualifies you for interesting roles at our company. For all employees who want to add to their know-how we offer through our BeEducated and BeEducated+ advanced training programmes everything required for further fostering your personal development. You're talented and want to climb up the career ladder step by step? Then you're a candidate for our talent programme. With us you can take the next step in your development, changing role, every 3-5 years. Open to you each time are completely new areas and projects. We fill all management positions primarily from within. In this area we help you develop with BeLeading, a programme for managers.


You will perform your daily tasks at a modern workstation. Height-adjustable desks and two screens are provided as a matter of course. Hardware and software are updated on an ongoing basis. Our IT hardware gets regularly replaced in order to remain at the cutting edge of technology. The replaced devices don't go into store, but are instead given to staff via a ballot.


We offer free water and coffee around the clock. We also offer this free of charge: every week, fruit and vegetable baskets filled to the brim tempt you. If you're more into sandwiches, the snack and beverage vending machine is the right choice. We subsidize the prices so that you can satisfy your small appetite for little money. For the big appetite there is a warm lunch every day for a fair price.


We celebrate you on your birthday. Every year you can look forward to a different birthday present. We welcome newborns with an exclusive gift, which we present to new moms and dads on the birth of their child.


Awards, liquor figures, product approvals, special holidays and much more - we always find a good reason to celebrate together!


We have cooperative arrangements in place with health care partners and fitness studios: profit from discounted fitness offerings and massages in-house.


Everyone who likes to share their hobby with the team is able to do so after work. Several of our musical colleagues have already established themselves. 'Bandley' is the name of their group, which creates a great atmosphere over and again at our numerous staff events. Do you too have a special hobby? Show us what you do. We'd like to learn from you!


Bentley is at the centre of life. We support social welfare projects in the region and fund two bursaries for school leavers who have performed exceptionally well. Our teams too assume social responsibility on a voluntary basis. At the end of each year, overtime hours and vacation days can be donated in aid of charitable projects and associations. The total amount collected by the staff gets doubled by Bentley and then goes to the benefit of the selected organisations.

For members only - The BeClub

The BeClub was spontaneously created for employees at the opening party for our multi-storey car park. The Bentley clubbers danced and partied away into the small hours of the night. For Bentleys only: When can we welcome you to the BeClub?


No suitable vacancy for you at present? Send in an application nevertheless or use our reminder function for future positions. We are always looking for motivated colleagues.