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Cosmopolitan, innovative and laid back - the Neckar-Alb region

As part of the Neckar-Alb region, Hechingen has become internationally known due to the town lying right below the world-famous Hohenzollern Castle. But that is not the only reason. Thanks to its multitude of successful global players, Medical Valley draws attention from all over the world. Incidentally, the view of the stately castle up above is definitely inspiring! As is the wonderful nature right outside our front door.

The town of Hechingen lies between Stuttgart and Lake Constance, with goods links to the A81 motorway. Baden-Württemberg's pulsating state capital, the delightful Black Forest and the Lake Constance holiday region are less than an hour away by car. When the weather is fine the Alps appear fascinatingly close. Indeed, it is very possible to go on a day's outing to the ski slopes of Austria, Switzerland or, of course, of the Feldberg mountain in the Black Forest.

Space for every style of life

Although situated in the country, we are all well catered for here at our Hechingen site: fans of tranquillity and slowing down, urban rock climbers, lovers of culture, party people, hikers and sports enthusiasts. Singles, couples and families with children - the Zollernalbkreis area offers space for every style of life. From kindergarten to university the educational provision in the district delivers knowledge for every age and level. Numerous entertainment facilities and events are available to all fans and interested parties. Due to its geographical situation the Zollernalbkreis area is a Mecca for mountain bikers and hikers. The mountain bike scene meets annually in Albstadt for a variety of off-road spectacles. The world elite have often been present in the past at the UCI Cross-Country World Cups. A further sporting highlight in the district is provided by top-flight handball club HBW Balingen-Weilstetten. The fans get right behind their Gauls. The 'Hölle Süd' rocks whenever they're playing at home, battling for a win.

A new love of the country

Anyone who likes from time to time to swap country air for city air will find in the nearby cities of Stuttgart, Reutlingen and Tübingen a wide array of activities with all kinds of events. Available to culture vultures are the ballet, opera, theatres and concert halls, which also offer age-appropriate entertainment for kids and teenagers.  The hospitality sector offers numerous restaurants, bars and beer gardens for every taste. But let's be honest: after the hustle and bustle in the city it's nice to return once again to our local countryside. Things happen here too, after all. Sometimes it's a lot more innovative in the country than you think. Things that have to pass through countless committees in the city get implemented without delay here. In any case, all who think globally are at home everywhere. If the job fits, life in the Zollernalbkreis area far from the hectic hustle of the city promises pure quality of life. Spacious homes are still affordable here and the little ones grow up in an easy-going environment with lots of freedom of movement in the great outdoors. Available for free on top of that is plenty of space for four-legged members of the family to get their exercise!

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Neckar-Alb region - A centre of innovation

Anyone who until now knew of the Neckar-Alb region only in connection with sheep, the Albtrauf escarpment and juniper heaths will be surprised. The economic development of the region in recent years has been striking. Medical equipment company Bentley fits in seamlessly in the ranks of the successful global players that with their innovative strength and efficiency are driving forward economic growth in the Neckar-Alb region. At Bentley we are proud to be part of this success story.

The economic strength of the Neckar-Alb region

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